Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Hiding Place

I love reading this book! This was the secomd time for me, and I think I gleaned some things from it the second time that I didn't before.

 I realize that forgiveness and love are themes of the wonderful story of Corrie Ten Boom, but FAITH really jumped out of the pages at me as I read this time. Her entire family had such unshakable faith. What tremendous examples they are to modern day Christians! And what wonderful miracles they became benefactors of (Nollie's daughter telling the truth to the soldiers about their hiding place and nobody being found; Corrie being able to carry the bible with her into the camps; The vitamin drops not running out and so many others that I haven't listed...)! All because of faith!

I think that the Ten Booms must be very happy in heaven together. They've done such commendable things for others in their life times. These are the kind of people that I hope to meet in heaven some day! 

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