Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Hiding Place

I have finished the Hiding Place and am so glad that I chose it as our August book of the month. I was amazed at how a story could be so awful and miserable, and yet so inspiring and uplifting at the same time. What wonderful people the ten Booms were! I am sure that they were valiant servants in the pre-existence and were pre-ordained to come to earth to complete their special missions of sharing the gospel of repentance and love and forgiveness. What a blessing they were to the lives of those whom they came in contact with.

I agree with Mandy in the fact that the prevailing theme of the book was faith. I wish my faith were anything close to being as strong as theirs was. I loved the fact that Corrie's and especially Betsie's hearts were continually in prayer. That is what we're told to do, is to always have a prayer in our hearts. Last night I gave a little Family Home Evening lesson on prayer and expressed my wishes to become more like the ten Booms. I issued a challenge to both Tom and I to pray more often and give thanks in all things.

I read this book during my lunch break at work each day. (It was hard to eat lunch and read about fleas, lice, gangrene, etc. let me tell you.) But each day I would also marvel at the story and have to go home and tell Tom all about it. My favorite part was the miracle described when Corrie got into the prison camp with her bible. It testifies of the fact that God does perform miracles in our day and that he is aware of our individual needs.

I hope you were all able to enjoy this truly amazing story!!

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Mandy Torgrimson said...

Totally agree...loved reading the book.