Wednesday, November 28, 2012

December Book

Since I know how the holidays can get really busy, I wanted to find a nice short Christmas story that we could all enjoy for the month of December. But I don't know what to choose! I am afraid I'll end up choosing something really cheesy or it will be innapropriate because books don't come with ratings like movies do! Over Thanksgiving break, I read Home for Christmas by Anita Stansfield hoping that it would be a good one for our book club. It was ok. Pretty cheesy. But an entertaining and quick read. Last year I read The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck but wasn't too impressed by that one either. So I am open to suggestions, does anyone out there know of a good Chrsitmas story that we can read???


Jeff and Lori said...

What about The Mansion that President Monson reads every Christmas? Also, Reached is out now, so we could finish that trilogy.

Bekah said...

I like the idea of The Mansion. Or we could do a couple different children's Christmas books, like Polar Express, The Three Trees.

If you decide before Saturday that would be awesome then I could take it on my cruise and read on the beach :)