Friday, June 24, 2011

The Wednesday Letters

Ok, after having a conversation with Mandy about this last night, I have finally found the motivation to post about this book! It's funny because it's like we're all waiting for someone else to be the first to write about it before the rest of us will decide to. Well, let me be the one to take the plunge and then I hope other posts will follow from all of you!

It has been so long since I read this book (ok, only like a month) that I hope I can remember what I wanted to say about it. Don't judge if I have already forgotten some of the characters' names.

I really did enjoy this book. It was one of those pleasant, easy reads that you can just curl up with and relax to. I love the idea of the husband (forgot his name) writing to his wife every Wednesday. That is a lot of letters! And a lot of love and dedication too. I don't expect something exactly like that from Tom, but I am hoping that we can create our own little ways and traditions of sharing our love with each other.

I really found myself pulled into the story and the moments of drama that came with it. As a typical girl, I just love a good story about boy + girl coming together. There was a time when I was convinced that I wasn't going to get my happy ending and that Rain was going to end up with stupid what's his name. Yay for the truth being revealed at the end and Malcolm winning over his true love! (and also good job for not going to bed with the attractive young Brazilian girl in the beginning of the story too). I really appreciated the fact that this book was clean, and clearly written with Christian views and ideals in mind.

I believe that there is a sequel to this book now which should be a good read if it's anything like The Wednesday Letters. Good book choice Bekah! I hope you were all able to enjoy it, and if not, you should read it some time in the future.

P.S. I have read Uglies and will hopefully post about it soon. Has anyone else read it? It's very interesting. Different, but intriguing.

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