Friday, May 6, 2011

A Little Behind

Well girls,
I finally finished Jane Eyre about a week ago. It was a bit of a challenge for me to get through it because I lost motivation and interest a few times. I recognize that it is good literature, just as I recognize Jane Austen's literature (I don't like Pride & Prejudice, shocker?), but the romantics just aren't my cup of tea.  Wuthering Heights is the only book I've liked in the genre. 
So I'm glad I read Jane Eyre, but I'm also thrilled that it's finished. I understand that Jane's bleak and reasonable outlook on life were very well written and an accurate depiction of reality. There were a few quotes that I underlined to go back to later. Jane's devotion to God and her responsible nature were upstanding characteristics. But I did not enjoy reading the book. When I finished it I was not thrilled from what I had read and left begging for more. And no, I don't think that Mr. Rochester is some fantastic man that I'd fall in love with.

I feel like Anne in this comic.

Since the new movie just came out I'm glad I finished the book up before I've seen it so that the end wouldn't be spoiled. I have a feeling that the film may be a little more enjoyable to me.

And on to March: children's books!
My absolute go-to favorite picture books are:

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