Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I have been reading

I have not read a children's book yet, but I do like the idea and think it would be fun to re-visit one of my many childhood favorites . . . I do, however, want to tell you about an excellent trilogy that I just finished in case anyone is interested. The books are called Sisters of Cain, Brothers of Cain, and Children of Cain by Miriam Grace Monfredo. They are historical novels based on the early years of the Civil War. I love historical novels (especially about the Civil War) because you learn some facts while other fictional characters are woven in to make the books more exciting! These books are based on two sisters, one who is a nurse and one who is an intelligence spy for the U.S. Treasury. This trilogy is full of non-stop action, mystery, suspense, romance, war, travel, deception, death, pretty much everything you could hope for in a book! I would highly recommend this series to anyone and everyone!! (I own copies of all three if you are interested in borrowing them.)

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