Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Last Lecture

Confession time. I didn't want to read this book. In fact I heard about Randy Pausch and thought, well that's really cool that he's making a difference but I'm really not that interested.  So I put it off. And then I thought to myself, Bekah really wanted to read this book and we've committed to read the books that the others want to read and I'll be sad if no one wants to read The Maltese Falcon with me. So I got a copy. And started reading it. And put it down. Then on Sunday I thought, you know, I'd really like to do it. Just sit down and give this book a fair chance. And I read half of it in one sitting. 

I like the way the book is written in small chapters about good memories and accomplishments. Life goals, and struggles with the future for his family.  Its just like snapshots into a human and it is wonderful.  I get sick of Mitch Albom because I think he has realized that he can write inspiring bestsellers and they seem forced. Randy knew that he wasn't doing this for the money, he wanted a way to preserve himself for his children and I think he really succeeded. 

I have appreciated reading this book because it makes me want to work harder at journaling and I have made an effort of that. I've been writing more on my blog about personal things and small stories of my day that I want to look back on and smile and laugh at.  

I think that we can learn a lot from people who know that they are preparing to leave the Earth.  They have a different perspective on living than anyone else and it can't be faked. Live life today. Enjoy the moment. Read books with your friends and share your feelings on them! Great choice Bekah. 

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