Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Zookeeper's Wife

Okay, I hope all of you like history...because I do and that's partly why I chose this book for us to read. I also just kept seeing it at the library and in book stores and I was curious to find out the story.

Antonina and Jan are heroic! Their defiance and their bravery in the midst of WWII was incredible! They were such good people at heart. It would have been so much easier for them just to hole up and wait out the war, but they offered their home and their assistance to others when it was desperately needed.  They also risked their own safety not to mention the safety of their son. I kept thinking "how can this family end up 'happily ever after', I mean we're talking about WWII here...and in Poland!" Anyway, I was pleased even at the end of the book.

I loved the author's descriptions. I felt like I was at the zoo, listening to the animals, or watching through the window as Antonina played her defiant tune on the piano to warn her friends of approaching danger. I also liked how she described a lot of the plants...but that was probably just me noticing that part(by the way there are many linden trees in Rexburg).

The thing I found myself contemplating the most throughout this book was courage. Would you or I have the courage to do what Jan and Antonina did if we were in a similar situation? I don't know, but I hope so. It disgusts me how humans can get so wrapped up in ideas and ideals that they forget how sacred and important life is. Anybody's life. 

Did anyone else have any thoughts about courage as you read? I look forward to reading your comments and opinions!

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