Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hunger Games...

I think I enjoy books and movies when you have no idea what they're about until you read them. I was number 37 for this book at the library so my loving hubby found an audio book that we listened to on our drive to Oregon. When we arrived there at 2 in the morning, I had to keep listening.

When we got home from our trip we downloaded the other two audio books and listened to them in the evenings or while doing things around the house. Oh my goodness, such intense books I couldn't have waited between them. I had to find out what happened. I won't ruin it for any of you, but the ending was very well done. And she got the guy I wanted her to :)

This book was really amazing. I want to be able to dissect it and really understand the meaning like I used too, but oh man it was SO good! It's extremely sickening to even think about, children killing children for amusement. Like some sort of extreme survivor. I can't even fathom that it happened - the arena in ancient Rome.

Suzanne plays on all of our human emotions: fear, love, sympathy, greed, arrogance, patience...everything! She exaggerates our actions and it really makes you take a look at yourself and who you are and areas that you need to improve.

At the end of the series there's an excerpt from the author and she explains where she got the idea from and what she wants us to get out from the book. I recommend you look into it. It really helped me.

All I can really say is WOW

(and of course there making a movie coming out 2013)

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