Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Meeting

I'm so glad we were finally able to have a meeting. I like being able to discuss books. I feel like I get more out of them.

We discussed The Giver and the deep symbolism throughout the story (well we may not have gotten to deep). We talked about how the society is truly Lucifer's plan. There is no pain or suffering, but because of that there is really no joy, emotion, pleasure, love, happiness. You live in a world where all your decisions are made for you - which sometimes sounds kind of nice. Everyone is polite, respectful, and responsible - because they are required to be. At first glance, the movement of 'sameness' makes sense. There's no crime, no poverty, no class system, no unemployed. Everyone holds a necessary position, everyone contributes, and no one is in physical need.

When you delve into what all this means you observe how artificial and truly pointless this kind of life is. In fact, life isn't valued at all. There is no understanding of death. People are rightfully released when they get old or when they just don't 'fit' into the society's mold. You also come to understand that the 'rules' are different for every person. Life isn't honest or responsible. Life is to serve the community and to do as the society tells you. And no one questions it.

It was hard for me to understand who would sign up for this. How could people want to give up what makes us people? Individuality, love, trials, suffering, true friendship. Taking pills for the 'stirrings'? Who would willing sign up for that?!?

I liked the outcome of this book and the explanation of what we are really about. That we are willing to help those in need. And give of ourselves to ease others suffering (the acts of service Jonas bestows upon Gabe).

Great read. Understand it a lot more now than reading it in the fourth grade.

I hope you all enjoyed it.

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