Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So I really have been reading all of the books, but I never really feel like I have anything profound to say. I've really enjoyed this book club a TON! It introduces me to books I've never heard of and ones I would never think to read, like Anna Karenina - which was really my favorite so far. It was long and worth it in my opinion, so thank-you Mandy for suggesting it.

I've really enjoyed Uglies, Matched was okay but I was hooked, and I really liked the Princess academy. I'm so embarrassed to admit it because they're like targeted for teenage girls and the silly little romances in it, but they keep you reading.

One idea that I have is maybe having a question(s) to answer for each book. That way I have something to write about and we can get different opinions from everyone. What do we think about that? Maybe when we pick a book we write a question...I don't know what, but I've seen book club question lists.

Oh, and I can't wait to have an actually book club get together, it'll be way fun.


Jeff and Lori said...

I like the question idea. It's hard to actually write something when there are so many different things we could discuss.

Mandy Torgrimson said...

I like the question idea as well. Also, How is Tuesday, the 29th sound for a book club meeting?

Kimberly + Tom said...

I just saw your comment Mandy, and tonight won't work for me. But we should definately get together soon! Probably phone is a better way to get the message out. I have Hannah's number, and she should have Brooke's. Is there anyone else in the area?