Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm so Behind!!! Last Lecture

So I've read so many books and I always forget to blog about it because what insights can I provide.

I really liked this book, it just makes me so sad! And I must admit, at times I felt kind of awkward learning all about him and his wife's relationship and his personal details and arguments. I kind of felt like I was prying into his life...

It definitely made me take a look at my life and appreciate everything that I have. I'm so thankful for all of the blessings Shane and I have.

I was also really impressed at his drive to attain his childhood dreams. It made me want to be more diligent in seeking after my dreams. At times, I'll admit it, I was kind of jealous. How horrible is that!?!?! This man is dying and I was kind of jealous about the life that he lived. He had these amazing dreams that he worked SO hard at to reach.

Then I looked at my life. I tried to think back about the dreams that I had and if I have accomplished any of them. Granted, I still have plenty more life to live. I had very different goals than he did, and I've reached so many. I remember when I was little I made myself promise I would never wear a bikini, I can definitely say I've held true to that. But more importantly, I told myself that I would never loose sight of my savior. That I would be sealed in the temple to a man that I found worthy to be my eternal companion and me him. That I would graduate from college. That I would have a beautiful home. And have kids...hopefully some time pretty soon we will. I looked at my life and realized how blessed I have been and how thankful I am to the Lord.

I thoroughly enjoyed his positive attitude and I tried to apply this to my own life.

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