Saturday, November 13, 2010


I read this book a while ago, but I kept forgetting to blog about it.

I thought it was so great to get another perspective of WWII. I've done a lot of reading on the other locations during WWII, but not Poland. It was very educational. I was amazed at the true life heroism. Mandy and Kim, I like what you said. It's hard to understand how courageous people can be. I continued to be impressed by the valor and compassion this little family had.

Also, off of what Mandy said, I too was waiting for something dreadful to happen, but through it all they're family remained whole. That's truly incredible.

I must confess, I wasn't crazy with the writing style, but mostly because I just kept getting confused. There were SO many people coming in and out that I couldn't keep track of who was who! Which I'm sure would have been a problem for them as well. The other thing I struggled with was the timeline. It kind of jumped back and forth and I got really lost at times.

Overall, excellent read. There were so many lessons to take from this book. I tried to apply little things, just in thoughts and actions. When studying about WWII and the atrocities of the war it makes me vow to never judge a person based upon a stereotype or outward appearance. I think that's always something we can apply.

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