Saturday, August 21, 2010

This book did NOT make me hungry!

I didn't even notice that The Hunger Games was on this list! I've been a terrible slack girls. I'm reading a lot but neglecting to look at our list. I did read this book however about a year ago. It's not one that I would say that I like, but it is an exceptional book. It has similar themes to 1984, Animal Farm...blah blah blah all the classics (not hating on those) that young people aren't likely going to pick up or read for fun.  This book series however brings up the issues of what is ethical in a government.
I just finished Catching Fire last week because the third book Mockingjay will be released on Tuesday and I'm interested to see how Suzanne Collins wraps it all up. I've been talking a lot about the books with my friend Erika and the girls she works with and we're all pulling for Gale to make a comeback.  Katniss's relationships are the light and fun part of the book to keep it from being overly depressing.  Only we're pretty sure that Peeta is going to die. Cause really who can't help but love the childhood best friend and want him to get the girl?
But back to the main story.  The bond between Rue and Katniss is a sensitive subject.  In the games each person fought for themselves, but they were really more powerful and better at surviving when they formed allegiances. I thought to myself how I would survive in the area. Quite likely I'd probably just be knocked off in the bloodbath.  The mindset that all of the characters were "raised" with is so much different than mine though.  Katniss killed animals for survival all of the time and when it came down to life in the arena she was ready to do what she had to. I cried one time when I killed a fish. Literally broke down. Yep. I'd be dead fast.
Well without having read the first book recently I'm just going to leave my thoughts here and I'm excited to see what everyone else thinks!

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