Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Secret Life of Bees--Sue Monk Kid

I feel like this was a great book to start out with.  I loved the story and the character development. If there was one theme that I would pick out from this book would be the need to love and be loved.  I love that August taught Lily how to show love.  Who knew that you could learn how to love by taking care of bees, and who knew that you could come to love bees?

A couple of my favorite parts of the book are:
Playing in the sprinklers, that's where June was finally able to let down her guard with Lily.  (something special happens through recreational activities)
When all the sisters are in the kitchen together dancing, singing, and cooking while getting ready for "Mary Day"

I really grew to love May's character.  I almost cried when she died but I love that in the note she wrote "it's your time to live, don't mess it up"

You know times have really changed since the Civil Rights movement.  We were talking about it the other day at the dinner table and my little sister didn't even know what a negro was.  I can't imagine treating people like that.  Especially, to the point where people have such hate for people who look different than them.  I love the fact that August was willing to let Lily and Rosalee stay, and just loved them.  I hope I can have the chance to help someone like that some day.


Hannah Carlson said...

I like your comments Bekah. I absolutely loved this book! It has such a great message.

I do have to admit though, sometimes it's hard to read just because of how sad and dreary things were, but at the same time, it's so riveting. I think it's good to recognize and understand our past (the civil rights) to be able to learn from mistakes and empathize with different cultures (I don't know quite how to say it).

After reading the book, we watched the movie and they stayed pretty true to the book. There were just minor differences, but really it was great to see because it was filmed just like I imagined it.

I agree with you Bekah, it's about loving and being loved. I just think really how you are treated really determines how you develop and come to have your self persona. She was beaten down so bad that she didn't see herself as a lovable person.

Her dad was kind of like the devil. He always reminds us of our imperfections and wants to pull us down to think that we are unlovable when our Savior loves us no matter what.

Bekah said...

I watched the movie as well. It was good, great cast!

Mandy Torgrimson said...

I also really liked May's words "it's your time to live". We could all remember that sometimes in our lives.